Warmly Congratulations to Ghana Branch’s Successful Registration

Due to the huge market potential in Africa, as well as many of our projects in Africa needs engineers’ on-site support, we deliberately set up branch offices in Africa. Warmly congratulations to Ghana Branch’s successful registration, the following countries where the company will be registered in are:






Equatorial Guinea

Cote d’Ivoire and other countries in Africa


Here is our contact information and address in Ghana

Louis:+233(0)554100826, +233(0)505401005

E-mail: louis@kantecare.com

Jacinta:+233(0)541559118, +233(0)500336800

E-mail: jacinta@kantecare.com



Product range:

Medical equipment for hospital, healthcare center, homecare, and other products

Service provided:

Training of start-up hospital or clinic


Below are photos:


Ghana Employers


Ghana office<%

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How to carry out blood glucose self monitoring?

In China, the prevalence rate of adult patients with diabetes has been growing rapidly in recent years, and now china has most patients in the world. In 2013 World Diabetes Day (November 11, 2013), lots of hospitals held free medical consultation clinic, and many patients participated and consulted about how to control and manage blood glucose in daily life for blood glucose self monitoring.
There are some patients doubting the accuracy of home use blood glucose meter, they usually feel that the result of blood glucose level measured at home is higher than the result in hospital; actually, it’s a normal situation, why this happens? And what we shall pay attention to during blood glucose self monitoring?  Here are some tips for you:

Blood Glucose Meter

Blood Glucose Meter

Tip 1 Choose a good blood glucose meter

When choosing a blood glucose meter, remember that “Quality first”, not the price first, for glucose meter, the accuracy is most important, so please choose the products with certificates, choose the manufacturer with good reputation, and it will be better to choose those famous brand products.
Tip 2 Keep test strips properly

When using test strips, firstly, please pay attention to the expiration date and unpacking date, especially for unpacking date, mark it on the bottle when opening, and the test strips are only valid within 3months after bottle opening.

Secondly, the test strips must be kept in place without sunshine, heating or wetting, the temperature must be 4℃-30℃ and related humidity must be 10%RH-90%RH. Thirdly, cap the bottle well after taking out the test strips needed, avoid mixing the new strips and the old ones.

Tip 3 Know the main points

(1)     Points for blood sampling

Make sure the blood collecting location is clean and dry, and if the bleeding is not enough, push finger from the root to the tip to increase the bleeding, be sure not to squeeze the finger, as by this way the interstitial fluid may permeate into blood, which will cause measuring error. At the same time you can adjust blood collector to ensure enough blood.

(2)     Points for measuring

Blood glucose measurement is carried out based on biochemical reaction principle, too low or too high temperature will cause result differences, the most appropriate temperature is room temperature (20℃-30℃), and it will be helpful if you keep the blood glucose meter and test strips under operating environment for 30minutes before using.
To avoid the influence of hand temperature, please pinch the meter with thumb and forefinger when inserting the test strips and absorbing blood, and don’t let blood absorbing area to contact your skin.

Tip 4 Find out the datum point
Due to the different conditions between home and hospital, the measuring results are usually different, to compare with the hospital’s result, please comply with the following conditions strictly:

(1)     Fasting for eight hours and bring your blood glucose meter to hospital in the morning on an empty stomach.

(2)     Measure the blood glucose value by your blood glucose meter.

Ask the doctor to collect venous blood within ten minutes for measuring. Compare the two results and find out the datum point, then blood glucose self monitoring can be carried out based on this datum point.

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Words after ending of canton fair

Few days ago, the 114th canton fair was finished perfectly, in this show, Kantecare showed a series medical products which including ECG machine, patient monitor, suction pump, Pulse Oximeter, first aid kits, medical supplies and so on.

During the exhibition, Kantecare received many customers from different countries and had friendly view exchanging with them, herein, we want to thank everyone who visited our booth and wish long term cooperation in the future.

thanks everyone who visited Kantecare in canton fair - medical devices

Thanks everyone who visited Kantecare in canton fair

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Are you a user of Mobile health App?

In August of 2013, China internet network information centre released its “The 32nd internet report”, the report shows that the number of mobile internet users has reached 464 million in China, which is 78.5% of total internet users, mobile health combined with hardware and software is a hot topic recently in this industry. The popularity of smart phones allows users enjoy the simple medical & healthcare service at any time in their daily life, which will bring huge changes to humans.
The Apps and devices can present the diagnosis and treatment in front of the terminal consumer directly, with the help of mobile Apps and the network connection devices, such kinds of products and services will be launched faster and faster.
Currently, the top 300 of Health Apps in Android system mainly includes six types: women’s health, healthy diet, beauty & fitness, physical exercise, sex knowledge, Online healthcare & learning App and etc.

Women’s health App focuses on female menstrual period, pregnancy and women health, according to studies, in August of 2013, the total downloads of the female menstrual period records and forecast Apps reached 20 million times.

Healthy diet App focuses on providing advices for different seasons and physique, and the other is the menu recommendation, including the food cooking method, ingredients, and finished food pictures shared by the users.

Beauty & fitness App is mainly related to lose weight,  beauty, the provision of daily beauty method, self testing to find out physique and the reason of fat, then set weight loss goals and provide the fitness method, dietary advice and schedule reminders and etc.
Physical exercise App also is to set exercise targets for users and remind function is also available.
Online healthcare and learning App is now very popular with big market potential, many mobile application development companies are interested in this kind App.

Along with the constant popularity of mobile devices and increasing users of mobile Internet, the healthcare, as an essential part of our life, will have its vigorous development with the boom of mobile Internet.

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Avoid signal interference when using a patient monitor

The using of a patient monitor is mainly for monitoring the patient’s heart rate in real time, however, during the use, the electrocardiosignal, which is a kind of weak electrical signals, is easy to be affected by external interference, and below are some basic knowledge about interferences to electrocardiosignal:

According to experts, the main external interferences to electrocardiosignal include myoelectricity, movement, electrode-contact and high frequency electrotome.

Patient Monitor - Kantecare

Patient Monitor (KTC01-PM12E)

  1. Myoelectricity interference: the muscle contraction under the electrode plate generates myoelectricity signal to disturb electrocardiosignal, which has same spectral bandwidth to ECG’s.
  2. Movement interference: the movement of patient will cause the changes of ECG signal, the degree of influence is up to the movement range and frequency, and it will be difficult for the patient monitor to overcome if it is within amplifier band width.
  3. Electrode-contact interference: any disturbance on the pathway between patient bodies to ECG amplifier will cause strong noise and possibly make ECG waveform blurring; the main reason is the poor contact between electrode plate and patient’s skin. Therefore, the patient monitor should be well-grounded for anti-interference and protecting the patient and operator.
  4. High frequency electrotome interference: when using high frequency electrotome or electrocoagulation during operation, the electrical signal generated from the electric energy added on patient body  is far greater than electrocardiosignal, the rich frequency component makes amplifier reaching saturation and can’t observe normal ECG waveform, the standard of patient monitor indicates that the patient monitor shall return to a normal condition within 5second after remove of high frequency electrotome.

Hope abovementioned content may help you to avoid the signal interference during using of a patient monitor, if any question, please contact us KANTECARE -One-Stop Solution Provider for Sourcing Medical Devices.

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“Landmarks” of medical devices

In the past ten years, the manufacturers of medical devices around the world have been increasing the efforts to develop and improve medical products, and have launched many inimitable products, which pushed the market of international medical devices greatly. Below are brief introduction of six creative medical devices with most innovative significance:

 1. Micro mist nebulizer

In clinical, aerosols treatment is widely used for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), muscle / soft tissue injury, burned injury and so on, the invention of micro mist nebulizer have brought revolutionary changes in the nebulizer technology, with the better curative effect, micro mist nebulizer become a new therapeutic equipment for lung diseases.

2. Artificial heart
Many people die from heart attack (severe heart failure especially )every year around the world, but the organs available for transplantation are seriously lack, most of patients died from long waiting of the organs. The come out of artificial heart changed the situation.

3. Artificial Intelligent Robot Arm
Many people lost their limbs due to car accident, industrial injury or other accident, to help these people live a better life, Massachusetts Institute Technology (MIT) and Artificial Intelligence institute worked together, in 2011, they developed the first Intelligent Robot Arm which can be controlled by human brain. The invention is one of most amazing medical devices.

4. 3D printer for false tooth

In 2011, an America company developed the CAD/CAM 3D tooth printer, which was a landmark product in dental industry, the invention is combined laser technology and computer technology.

5.Capsular endoscope 
Developed by a company in Israel, Capsule endoscopy is used to examine parts of the gastrointestinal tract that cannot be seen with other types of endoscopy, it looks like a pill but containing a tiny camera, after patient swallows the capsule, the cameral starts to take pictures and send these pictures back to doctor’s computer, based on the pictures, doctor can judge polypus or other danger nidus in patient’s intestinal tract, which can low the risk of intestinal cancer greatly.

 6. Implant intravascular stent

In early of the 1990’s, an America company developed the Implant intravascular stent (the first generation of intravascular stent), the invention saved lots of patients who were suffering from blood vessel blockages, it is estimated that millions of people are now with implanted intravascular stent, no doubt that the invention is also one of the greatest medical devices in the 21st century.

from cmdi.gov.cn

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Why Digital Radiography (digital X-ray machine)?

High Frequency Digital Radiography - Kantecare

High Frequency Digital Radiography – Kantecare

Generally speaking, digital radiography has advantages as bellows:

  1. Clear and fine imaging with high-definition, wide grey scale, more information and high dynamic scale.
  2. High-definition and obtaining more image details, which are the most important features which are different from and superior to the normal radioactive medical devices.
  3. Fast imaging speed and with less influence of motion artifacts, especially good for crying children and breath-hold intolerant old patients
  4. Low radiation, which is about 30%- 70%lower than normal X-ray machine, it is because that the sensitivity of Flat Plane Detector (FDP) of digital radiography is much higher than normal X-ray machine, less energy needed for taking high quality images.
  5. Better quality imaging for bone distribution, articular cartilage and soft tissue, it is more easier to show mediastinum distribution such as blood vessel and trachea, the detectable rate of solitary pulmonary nodule is higher than traditional X-ray machine.

Comparing to normal X-ray machine, the imaging of digital X-ray machine has advantages of high-definition, wide grey scale and with more information, however, in digital radiography, X-ray signal is converted into electric signal through Flat Plane Detector (FPD), so the feature of the FPD may affect the imaging quality of digital radiography greatly.

Imaging of Digital Radiography

Imaging of Digital Radiography

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Monthly import and export price index of China medical devices from 2010 to May of 2013

Monthly import export price index of China medical devices

Monthly export price index of China medical devices from 2010 to May, 2013


Monthly import price index of China mdeical devices

Monthly import price index of China medical devices from 2010 to May, 2013


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Control your blood pressure

Hypertension (also known as elevation of blood pressure) causes heart attack, stroke or other serious health problems. It affects more than one third of adult, about 9 million people around the world die from hypertension every year.

Many people have high blood pressure but don’t even know they have it, as it doesn’t show symptom all the time.

However, hypertension is preventable and treatable, developing healthy living habits and taking periodic physical examination are very important, and using a sphygmomanometer for home blood pressure monitoring is also a good idea.

Besides, there is another simple way to help you keep away from high blood pressure, by doing below ten things every day:

  1. Walk 6000 steps every day
  2. No more than 5g salt
  3. No smoking and limited wine
  4. Drink 500g milk for calcium supplement
  5. Eat potato and eggplant for potassium supplement
  6. Eat lemon
  7. Drink less sugary drinks
  8. Eat celery
  9. Eat four cloves of garlic
  10. Write down three happy things
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