Avoid signal interference when using a patient monitor

The using of a patient monitor is mainly for monitoring the patient’s heart rate in real time, however, during the use, the electrocardiosignal, which is a kind of weak electrical signals, is easy to be affected by external interference, and below are some basic knowledge about interferences to electrocardiosignal:

According to experts, the main external interferences to electrocardiosignal include myoelectricity, movement, electrode-contact and high frequency electrotome.

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Patient Monitor (KTC01-PM12E)

  1. Myoelectricity interference: the muscle contraction under the electrode plate generates myoelectricity signal to disturb electrocardiosignal, which has same spectral bandwidth to ECG’s.
  2. Movement interference: the movement of patient will cause the changes of ECG signal, the degree of influence is up to the movement range and frequency, and it will be difficult for the patient monitor to overcome if it is within amplifier band width.
  3. Electrode-contact interference: any disturbance on the pathway between patient bodies to ECG amplifier will cause strong noise and possibly make ECG waveform blurring; the main reason is the poor contact between electrode plate and patient’s skin. Therefore, the patient monitor should be well-grounded for anti-interference and protecting the patient and operator.
  4. High frequency electrotome interference: when using high frequency electrotome or electrocoagulation during operation, the electrical signal generated from the electric energy added on patient body  is far greater than electrocardiosignal, the rich frequency component makes amplifier reaching saturation and can’t observe normal ECG waveform, the standard of patient monitor indicates that the patient monitor shall return to a normal condition within 5second after remove of high frequency electrotome.

Hope abovementioned content may help you to avoid the signal interference during using of a patient monitor, if any question, please contact us KANTECARE -One-Stop Solution Provider for Sourcing Medical Devices.

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