Control your blood pressure

Hypertension (also known as elevation of blood pressure) causes heart attack, stroke or other serious health problems. It affects more than one third of adult, about 9 million people around the world die from hypertension every year.

Many people have high blood pressure but don’t even know they have it, as it doesn’t show symptom all the time.

However, hypertension is preventable and treatable, developing healthy living habits and taking periodic physical examination are very important, and using a sphygmomanometer for home blood pressure monitoring is also a good idea.

Besides, there is another simple way to help you keep away from high blood pressure, by doing below ten things every day:

  1. Walk 6000 steps every day
  2. No more than 5g salt
  3. No smoking and limited wine
  4. Drink 500g milk for calcium supplement
  5. Eat potato and eggplant for potassium supplement
  6. Eat lemon
  7. Drink less sugary drinks
  8. Eat celery
  9. Eat four cloves of garlic
  10. Write down three happy things
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