How to carry out blood glucose self monitoring?

In China, the prevalence rate of adult patients with diabetes has been growing rapidly in recent years, and now china has most patients in the world. In 2013 World Diabetes Day (November 11, 2013), lots of hospitals held free medical consultation clinic, and many patients participated and consulted about how to control and manage blood glucose in daily life for blood glucose self monitoring.
There are some patients doubting the accuracy of home use blood glucose meter, they usually feel that the result of blood glucose level measured at home is higher than the result in hospital; actually, it’s a normal situation, why this happens? And what we shall pay attention to during blood glucose self monitoring?  Here are some tips for you:

Blood Glucose Meter

Blood Glucose Meter

Tip 1 Choose a good blood glucose meter

When choosing a blood glucose meter, remember that “Quality first”, not the price first, for glucose meter, the accuracy is most important, so please choose the products with certificates, choose the manufacturer with good reputation, and it will be better to choose those famous brand products.
Tip 2 Keep test strips properly

When using test strips, firstly, please pay attention to the expiration date and unpacking date, especially for unpacking date, mark it on the bottle when opening, and the test strips are only valid within 3months after bottle opening.

Secondly, the test strips must be kept in place without sunshine, heating or wetting, the temperature must be 4℃-30℃ and related humidity must be 10%RH-90%RH. Thirdly, cap the bottle well after taking out the test strips needed, avoid mixing the new strips and the old ones.

Tip 3 Know the main points

(1)     Points for blood sampling

Make sure the blood collecting location is clean and dry, and if the bleeding is not enough, push finger from the root to the tip to increase the bleeding, be sure not to squeeze the finger, as by this way the interstitial fluid may permeate into blood, which will cause measuring error. At the same time you can adjust blood collector to ensure enough blood.

(2)     Points for measuring

Blood glucose measurement is carried out based on biochemical reaction principle, too low or too high temperature will cause result differences, the most appropriate temperature is room temperature (20℃-30℃), and it will be helpful if you keep the blood glucose meter and test strips under operating environment for 30minutes before using.
To avoid the influence of hand temperature, please pinch the meter with thumb and forefinger when inserting the test strips and absorbing blood, and don’t let blood absorbing area to contact your skin.

Tip 4 Find out the datum point
Due to the different conditions between home and hospital, the measuring results are usually different, to compare with the hospital’s result, please comply with the following conditions strictly:

(1)     Fasting for eight hours and bring your blood glucose meter to hospital in the morning on an empty stomach.

(2)     Measure the blood glucose value by your blood glucose meter.

Ask the doctor to collect venous blood within ten minutes for measuring. Compare the two results and find out the datum point, then blood glucose self monitoring can be carried out based on this datum point.

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