“Landmarks” of medical devices

In the past ten years, the manufacturers of medical devices around the world have been increasing the efforts to develop and improve medical products, and have launched many inimitable products, which pushed the market of international medical devices greatly. Below are brief introduction of six creative medical devices with most innovative significance:

 1. Micro mist nebulizer

In clinical, aerosols treatment is widely used for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), muscle / soft tissue injury, burned injury and so on, the invention of micro mist nebulizer have brought revolutionary changes in the nebulizer technology, with the better curative effect, micro mist nebulizer become a new therapeutic equipment for lung diseases.

2. Artificial heart
Many people die from heart attack (severe heart failure especially )every year around the world, but the organs available for transplantation are seriously lack, most of patients died from long waiting of the organs. The come out of artificial heart changed the situation.

3. Artificial Intelligent Robot Arm
Many people lost their limbs due to car accident, industrial injury or other accident, to help these people live a better life, Massachusetts Institute Technology (MIT) and Artificial Intelligence institute worked together, in 2011, they developed the first Intelligent Robot Arm which can be controlled by human brain. The invention is one of most amazing medical devices.

4. 3D printer for false tooth

In 2011, an America company developed the CAD/CAM 3D tooth printer, which was a landmark product in dental industry, the invention is combined laser technology and computer technology.

5.Capsular endoscope 
Developed by a company in Israel, Capsule endoscopy is used to examine parts of the gastrointestinal tract that cannot be seen with other types of endoscopy, it looks like a pill but containing a tiny camera, after patient swallows the capsule, the cameral starts to take pictures and send these pictures back to doctor’s computer, based on the pictures, doctor can judge polypus or other danger nidus in patient’s intestinal tract, which can low the risk of intestinal cancer greatly.

 6. Implant intravascular stent

In early of the 1990’s, an America company developed the Implant intravascular stent (the first generation of intravascular stent), the invention saved lots of patients who were suffering from blood vessel blockages, it is estimated that millions of people are now with implanted intravascular stent, no doubt that the invention is also one of the greatest medical devices in the 21st century.

from cmdi.gov.cn

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