Mushrooms in Siberia could be used to treat AIDS

According to British Daily Mail, one kind of Mushrooms in Siberia could be used to treat AIDS.

The researchers say that Chaga mushrooms growing on birch trees are a ‘promising’ subject for further research. Scientists at the Vector Institute say that they have three different mushrooms all of which could be used in antiretroviral medicines but that the Chaga mushroom is showing the most promise. The results indicated that ‘Strains of these mushrooms demonstrated low toxicity and a strong antiviral effect,’

The mushrooms are thought to contain betulinic acid which has antiretroviral and anti-inflammatory properties. The mushrooms have been used by traditional healers in Siberia for centuries.

Some people believe they also have cancer-combating properties.

Chaga mushrooms are referenced as a treatment for cancer in Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Cancer Ward which was published in 1967.

However, experts at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York said that no clinical trials have been carried out to establish whether Chaga is a safe or effective method of disease prevention. (From: Daily mail)Chaga mushrooms

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FDA issued UDI rules for medical devices

Last Friday, FDA (The U.S. Food and Drug Administration) officially issued supervision rule for medical devices requiring unique codes on medical devices (unique device identifiers-UDI), which will allow to track, monitor and expedite recalls more easily.

The UDI system consists of is made of two core parts, one part is unique device identifier, the GHTF (Global Harmonization Task Force) provides the unique device identifier (including batch No., model No., date of manufacture, validity and so on). The other part is the UDI database which is managed by FDA, the database allows publicly information searching but the patients’ information searching is not available.

 The implement of the new rule will allow identifying the products quickly and efficiently, which means:

  1. The electronic medical record will show what kind of medical devices the patient used.
  2. The distribution network of medical devices will be entered into the database, so that, the stocking products could be recalled quickly once there is a problem, on the other hand, it also can avoid counterfeit and shoddy products flowing into the market.
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Brief operation procedure of defibrillation

operation procedure of defibrillator

Download PDF: Brief operation procedure of defibrillation

We care, wherever you are—Kantecare

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How to choose a sphygmomanometer?

Home blood pressure monitoring is an important way to know a patient’s real blood pressure situation, according to the blood pressure values at different times of day, doctor can help to adjust the dosage and taking time of antihypertensive drugs, so that to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease onset, in this situation, a good sphygmomanometer is necessary, do you know how to choose a sphygmomanometer?

 There are three tips for you when choosing a sphygmomanometer:

  1. Choose an arm sphygmomanometer:

In current market, sphygmomanometers have arm type, wrist type and finger type. Wrist sphygmomanometer and finger sphygmomanometer essentially measure the blood pressure of body end small vessels, which have to conversion to blood pressure of great vessels, so the measurement error is big. But arm electronic sphygmomanometer measures brachial arterial pressure, the result will be more accurate.

   2. Choose a full-automatic sphygmomanometer:

Compare to a semi-automatic electronic sphygmomanometer or a mercurial sphygmomanometer, a full-automatic sphygmomanometer is more intelligent and more convenient in operation, especially for elderly.

   3. Choose a sphygmomanometer certificated by European Union:

A sphygmomanometer certificated by European Union means it meets the requirement of strict certification standard of European Union; surely the quality is more reliable.

Furthermore, 11:00 am and 5:00pm are two important blood pressure monitoring time points, the blood pressure levels at this two time points can reflect the high blood pressure and effectiveness of antihypertensive drugs very well. In addition, once the high blood pressure is under control, it’s suggested to measure the blood pressure once or twice a week only, too frequent measuring is not recommended.


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You… you… you are pregnant! (Urine analyzer)

A nurse tried to submit a male patient’s urine sample for urine analysis, but carelessly she dropped the sample, afraid of being laughed, she submitted her own urine sample. The doctor was very surprised after got the test result, the patient was afraid and asked:

 “Doctor, is there anything wrong with me?”

” Sir, you…you…you are pregnant” the doctor stammered.


 Interested in knowing more about urine analyzer?

click below picture: 

Urine Analyzer - Kantecare

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Kantecare will be at the 114th Canton Fair

Kantecare (Kantech international Co., Ltd) will attend the 114th China Import and Export Fair (canton fair) ,warmly welcome to visit our booth there.

Our booth No : Area B 10.2-B29

Date: Oct. 31-Nov. 4, 2013

Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex

(No.380, YueJiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China

One-Stop Solution Provider for Sourcing Medical Devices – Kantecarecanton fair


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How Does An Internal Cardiac Defibrillator Work?

Implantable cardioverter defibrillator or ICD is a small device similar to a pacemaker, attached to the heart of a person. People suffering with conditions like arrhythmias are under the constant risk of heart failure. Irregular heartbeats caused by arrhythmias will cause sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) which will lead to stroke or death if it is not treated within a few minutes. ICD’s are a boon to people suffering from such heart issues. Continue reading

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The Analysis of First Aid Kit Exporting

The main export markets for first aid kit are some European countries, USA, Canada, Australia and partial Southeast Asian nations. These countries have different requirements for product standards and market access, which require the export enterprises to pay close attention to.

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The Rising Market of Disposable Dental Instrument in China

In recent years, dental medical equipment enjoys a superior market than other domestic medical product, like pliers, dental chair and comprehensive treatment table, etc. especially for dental materials and a full set of teeth, behind the requirement.

Continue reading

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