Global Market Forecast for Medical Disposables

In addition to the developed and Asian-Pacific countries which are the main market for global medical disposables, some other countries and regions once being neglected are gradually forming a new market, such as West Africa and Southeast Asia.

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Popularization of AED in China

In 2005, the former American president Mr Clinton made a broadcasting speech for the popularization of the AED equipment to the whole United Nation people. Mr. Clinton said there are numerous real stories for the use of AED machine to rescue life. InChicagoOhareAirport, there are nine sudden cardiac death patients among eleven were rescued during the first six months of the allocation of AED equipment. InLas Vegashotels and casinos, the survival rate increased from 14% to 57% with the use of AED machine.

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Computer Screen–size Portable X-ray Machine

Portable X-ray machine is on the way to be successfully developed, exclusively applied to medical treatment in disaster areas.

Portable X-ray machine has a history of nearly one-hundred-year, but it is reluctant to say “portable”, since most of them are heavy and huge, and require electricity similar to the household electric water heater.

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iPhone ECG, A Mobile Electrocardiogram Machine

It was reported on 19th June in Beijing that Apple Inc. had launched a new type of iPhone, which has the function of getting the user’s ECG index by its iPhone ECG software, and put it into an Electrocardiogram, and then users are able to send it to the doctors at anywhere.

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Kantecare’s X-ray Tubes, Satisfying All Your Needs!

1. Introduction

An X-ray tube is a vacuum tube that produces X-rays. They are used in X-ray machines. X-rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, an ionizing radiation with wavelengths shorter than ultraviolet light. X-ray tubes evolved from experimental Crookes tubes with which X-rays were first discovered in the late 19th century, and the availability of this controllable source of X-rays created the field of radiography, the imaging of opaque objects with penetrating radiation. X-ray tubes are also used in CAT scanners, airport luggage scanners, X-ray crystallography, and for industrial inspection.

2. Functions

As with any vacuum tube, there is a cathode, which emits electrons into the vacuum and an anode to collect the electrons, thus establishing a flow of electrical current, known as the beam, through the tube. A high voltage power source, for example 30 to 150 kilovolts (kV), is connected across cathode and anode to accelerate the electrons. The X-ray spectrum depends on the anode material and the accelerating voltage.

3. Category and Application

There are many kinds of X-ray tubes which can be categorized into the following varieties: industrial X-ray tube for NDT test, structural analysis X-ray tube, fluorometric analysis X-ray tube, medical diagnostic X-ray tube and other X-ray tubes for the production and repair of all sorts of high-voltage cables. The above mentioned X-ray tubes can be used for all kinds of x-ray inspection machines, x-ray diffractometers, crystal analyzers, stress testers, x-ray fluorescence spectrographs, medical x-ray inspection machines etc.

4. X-ray Tube in Kantecare

With the expansion of x-ray application, there’re different x-ray machines being produced nowadays, which generate many business opportunities. Under this circumstance, Kantecare makes every effort to work with lots of R&D centers on the development of producing all kinds of x-ray tubes which are equivalent to many well-known brands all over the world. The product range features metal ceramic tubes and ceramic tubes, from the smallest portable unit up to 600kV fixed systems, and rotation anode X-ray tubes and stationary anode X-ray tubes are all available from us. We try our best to offer our honorable customers with the best quality and most attractive price.

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How to Maximize Medical X-Ray Tube Life

x-ray tube
Good work practices can significantly prolong tube life. These recommendations should be followed whenever possible:

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Development of NDT Portable X-ray Machine

NDT protable x-ray machine
What’s NDT?

The field of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) is a very broad, interdisciplinary field that plays a critical role in assuring that structural components and systems perform their function in a reliable and cost effective fashion. NDT technicians and engineers define and implement tests that locate and characterize material conditions and flaws that might otherwise cause planes to crash, reactors to fail, trains to derail, pipelines to burst, and a variety of less visible, but equally troubling events.

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How to Assemble X-Ray Tube

Toshiba D051 X-ray Machine
X-ray Tube, as a main part of x-ray machine, is commonly used for medical, dental clinic, thickness gauging, food inspection, bone densitometry etc. There are rotating anode X-ray tube, stationary anode X- ray, and etc. The rotating anode X-ray tube device is used for common diagnostic X-ray machine. These rules should be followed whenever possible to make the tubes work properly:

Qualified Personnel
Only those passed the technical training and possess the professional knowledge qualified personnel can do the job of assembling, adjusting and maintaining of the medical X-ray tube.

Fragile Glass
The rotating anode X-ray tube is made of glass, which will be broken when suffers over 19.6m/s2 (2G) mechanical vibration or impulse impact. It should be very carefully to move, transport and operate.

Earthing Terminal
The X-ray tube has earthing terminal, and should connect with earth cable.

High Voltage
All the X-ray tubes should work at the condition of high voltage, which is electrocuted pressure. It is forbidden to touch the high voltage plug or terminal. If requires to directly touch these spare parts, the personnel should cut off the primary circuit and discharge the high voltage capacitor and cable.

High Voltage Plug
The high voltage plug should keep clean and from any physical destruction. It needs to use silicon compound in order to achieve stability of the high voltage.

Atmospheric Environment
The medical X-ray tube can not use in the atmospheric environment with inflammable gas or corrosive gas.

Protective Cap
The X-ray tube can not be used without assembling the protective cap. It needs to adopt proper fixtures and tools to assemble the medical X-ray tube to keep from physical destruction.

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Gambro, the leading hemodialysis machine manufacturer, is now seeking business opportunity with Kankecare in Jiangxi

After getting the bidding contract of consumables of hemodialysis machine, the Asia-Pacific Supply Chain Director of Gambro paid a visit to Kantech International co., Ltd. In order to make sure that the storage, distribution and transportation will be completed successfully during the two-year contract period, Gambro need to find a local supplier who is experienced in the logistics of medical equipment and consumables. For this purpose, Kantech tried every means and has successfully carried out an integrated solution especially for this bidding project. During Gambro’s visit to Kantech, some professionals and experts from Kantech accompanied the Supply Chain Director and their people of Gambro to inspect some consumable warehouses in Jiangxi.

 In the past, the main business for Kantech in working with Gambro was the procurement of Gambro’s world leading hemodialysis machines. However, this cooperation of providing logistics for medical consumables of such a large scale will be a new and great attempt for further business opportunities.

 Kantech own many years’ experiences of importation and logistic services in medical devices industry. Several years ago, in a loan project from Japan Bank for International Cooperation for Jiangxi medical equipment, Kantech succeeded in importing medical devices including x-ray machines, CT, MRI, color ultrasound machines and some other equipment used in operation rooms. Thanks to the excellent working ability in custom clearance and distribution, Kantech has gained good reputation from the end users, 12 hospitals and Jiangxi Ministry of Health as well.

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