Are you a user of Mobile health App?

In August of 2013, China internet network information centre released its “The 32nd internet report”, the report shows that the number of mobile internet users has reached 464 million in China, which is 78.5% of total internet users, mobile health combined with hardware and software is a hot topic recently in this industry. The popularity of smart phones allows users enjoy the simple medical & healthcare service at any time in their daily life, which will bring huge changes to humans.
The Apps and devices can present the diagnosis and treatment in front of the terminal consumer directly, with the help of mobile Apps and the network connection devices, such kinds of products and services will be launched faster and faster.
Currently, the top 300 of Health Apps in Android system mainly includes six types: women’s health, healthy diet, beauty & fitness, physical exercise, sex knowledge, Online healthcare & learning App and etc.

Women’s health App focuses on female menstrual period, pregnancy and women health, according to studies, in August of 2013, the total downloads of the female menstrual period records and forecast Apps reached 20 million times.

Healthy diet App focuses on providing advices for different seasons and physique, and the other is the menu recommendation, including the food cooking method, ingredients, and finished food pictures shared by the users.

Beauty & fitness App is mainly related to lose weight,  beauty, the provision of daily beauty method, self testing to find out physique and the reason of fat, then set weight loss goals and provide the fitness method, dietary advice and schedule reminders and etc.
Physical exercise App also is to set exercise targets for users and remind function is also available.
Online healthcare and learning App is now very popular with big market potential, many mobile application development companies are interested in this kind App.

Along with the constant popularity of mobile devices and increasing users of mobile Internet, the healthcare, as an essential part of our life, will have its vigorous development with the boom of mobile Internet.

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