Why Digital Radiography (digital X-ray machine)?

High Frequency Digital Radiography - Kantecare

High Frequency Digital Radiography – Kantecare

Generally speaking, digital radiography has advantages as bellows:

  1. Clear and fine imaging with high-definition, wide grey scale, more information and high dynamic scale.
  2. High-definition and obtaining more image details, which are the most important features which are different from and superior to the normal radioactive medical devices.
  3. Fast imaging speed and with less influence of motion artifacts, especially good for crying children and breath-hold intolerant old patients
  4. Low radiation, which is about 30%- 70%lower than normal X-ray machine, it is because that the sensitivity of Flat Plane Detector (FDP) of digital radiography is much higher than normal X-ray machine, less energy needed for taking high quality images.
  5. Better quality imaging for bone distribution, articular cartilage and soft tissue, it is more easier to show mediastinum distribution such as blood vessel and trachea, the detectable rate of solitary pulmonary nodule is higher than traditional X-ray machine.

Comparing to normal X-ray machine, the imaging of digital X-ray machine has advantages of high-definition, wide grey scale and with more information, however, in digital radiography, X-ray signal is converted into electric signal through Flat Plane Detector (FPD), so the feature of the FPD may affect the imaging quality of digital radiography greatly.

Imaging of Digital Radiography

Imaging of Digital Radiography

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