Handheld Pocket Water Filter

  • Handheld Pocket Water Filter
Handheld Pocket Water Filter
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Handheld Pocket Water Filter

  • Item No.:  KTC39-PWF-111
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Portable water filter is the world smallest and lightest water filter

Turns rain, lake, river water into drinkable water promptl

Portable water filter is the world smallest and lightest water filter, which has been authorized as one of the support equipments of PLA Paratroop in China.

It's a good choice for soldiers, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, climbing, trip, travel, out-door work, survival, emergency and also refugee and rescuer in earthquake or flood area etc. And it is also an affordable source of drinking water for people who live in the conflict area, riot area, remote village and tribe.

It's very easy to operate: just pump the handle to instantly remove dangerous contaminants from drinking water.


· Smallest: can be held in glasses box.

· Lightest: less than 90g.

· Environment friendly: cleanable filter cartridge.

· High filtration fineness: unique dual ceramic membranes cartridge with mean pore size of 0.1 micron.


  1. Unique dual ceramic membranes cartridge.
  2. Entirely removes bacteria in water like Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, Vibrio cholerae, Legionella pneumophila, Giardia intestinalis.
  3. Filters out particles down to 0.1 micron — compare to the best commercially available unit that can only filter down to 0.2 micron!
  4. Entirely removes suspended contaminants of protozoa, algae, worms, dusts, etc.
  5. (2) Nano-metal clusters media
  6. Highly efficiently removes heavy metal ions in water such as Pb2+, Cd2+, Cr6+, As3+, etc.
  7. Efficiently decreases organic pollutants.
  8. Having a good ability to remove odors and cloudiness.

Comparison of Kantecare Soldier and Katadyn mini

Kantecare Soldier

Katadyn mini

Lightest, smallest and highest filtration fineness ceramic filter

(Before Kantecare Soldier go into market) The smallest and lightest ceramic filter




Filtration fineness



Principle of filtration

Pump filter, dual ceramic membrane filtration

Pump filter, ceramic depth filtration

Filtration media

dual ceramic membrane+nano-metal clusters media

Porous ceramic



18 x 8 x 5 cm







Removes particles

More than 0.1μm,

More than 0.2μm

Remove matter

Algae, worms, sediments and reduces radioactive particles

algae, spores, sediments and reduces radio active particles.

Microbial hazards


99.9999% remove bacteria and suspended contaminants in water

Reduction of bacteria (99.9999%) andprotozoan



higher than99.99%



Combined with particle more than 0.1μm.

Growth and reproduction of

microorganisms includes viruses

can be inhibited by nano-metal clusters media

Combined with particle more than


Remove harmful heavy

metal ions

Pb2+, Cd2+,

Cr6+, AS3+

High removing efficien

Improve odor and tastes

Yes ( improved by nano-metal

clusters media)


Effectively removed

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